Friday, March 28, 2008


Today I noticed that I have 1,065 on my Flickr account! I thought that was pretty exciting. I have 105 photos uploaded there.

In my shop I have 44 items...trying really hard to get it up to 75. Right now that looks like a lofty goal! Just checked my views there and that number is 843! And I am almost to my goal of 300 hearts! The number today is 292...getting so close! Just gotta love Majaba! Check it out so you can see at a glance what your views are and how many hearts you have, who they are from and when they hearted you...and other cool and interesting things!

I also wanted to show you my latest card. It's another "Get Well Soon" card. I love the three colors together! This past week my mom and I put a tin together using these exact papers! It turned out super cute, and now she has a new recipe box that can sit out in her kitchen. This card is now in my shop...hopefully not for long! ;)

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