Saturday, March 1, 2008

Phew...I made it!

I made 30 days in the design a day! Yay! I thought I might continue, I really like to make new items, but the pressure of getting photos in on time and all that...well, it might make me reconsider. Whatever I decide to do, I probably will not be posting on here the days anymore. Maybe I will continue on Flickr.

The card for the 30th day is another one of the Cowboy Up series. I had so much fun with these, and was happy with the results. (The only downside with that is it seems that whenever that happens, those are the cards that sit and sit in my shop! ;) This one says "giddy up." I think they would be great for a boy's birthday...or even a man's. It's much harder to make a male card!

I have a busy weekend ahead...lots of food to be made. I will see you all on Monday! Happy March!

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