Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I'm excited!

I applied to Trunkt, and as you can probably see from the sideboard, I was accepted! When I first started selling on Etsy I heard about it, but knew that my photos were far from acceptable, and I put it out of my mind. My friend Katelyn wrote about it in her blog, and that's what reminded me. Whenever I see the badge on the sideboard, I still shake my head...really?!

Come check out my newest card today too. I am adding a card that is different than my normal style. The leaves and the flower are stamped. And I didn't even use pattered paper! I keep delaying puting this in my shop because it's so different, I just wonder if people are going to like it. But today I am taking the plunge.


Zo-Be Designs said...


And I love the card, it's very classic looking, quite elegant.

twiddlestix said...

Thank you so much zo-be!

katelynjane said...

Really?? You got into Trunkt? AWESOME!! Thanks for the linkage (: Your new cards are looking great!

Pfeiffer Photos said...

That card is super--like the orange with the brown. Nice job on the stamping!