Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Heart to Sale Ratio

There was just a thread on Etsy talking about a shop's heart to sale ratio. I thought it was interesting so I tried it! What you have to do is take your number of hearts and divide that by number of sales. Turns out that I do not have that great of a ratio. Mine is 5.6. So for every 5.6 hearts, I get one sale.

Funny thing is, yesterday I got that .6 heart...(hehe) and yesterday I got another sale! Couldn't believe my eyes. When summer is over, I will be working on getting this ratio a little lower.

Here is my latest card for the shop: bright and fun


katelynjane said...

I tried working that out too...and it calculated that I'd need 15 or so more hearts before I made a sale. BOO!

twiddlestix said...

Keep your chin up Katelyn! You are working hard on it...don't let some ratio get you down.