Saturday, July 12, 2008

Suntanned, and Glad to be back!

We had a great vacation! We were in South Dakota on the river at a State Park. We fished, tubed, and skied, and got way too much sun! We really did have super nice weather with only one night of rain. The rest of the time the sun was out and it was beautiful.

On the business side of things, I got back the cards that have not sold yet at the MocoMarket in WI that closed up. Out of the 19 that I sent there I sold 12. The thing is (I feel a little bad about saying this) she was charging $4.50 a card! In my opinion, that is way too much. I was told it was going to be closer to $3, so I could get 60% of that. I have to say that Meg is a super nice person, and I always liked working with her. I think what was happening was she was running out of money fast, and trying to keep her head above water. She wasn't that faithful sending out what exactly she sold, I just got the check in the mail.

I just hope that the people that bought my cards from her will take a look at the Etsy site if they want more, and buy directly from me. That part of my business is done with, and I have learned from it.

One other thing that makes me happy...I hit the 400 mark for hearts!! Can you believe it?! I was pretty excited to see that when I got home. It's amazing to me. I remember plainly checking the hearts faithfully when I first started and getting frustrated- was there no one who liked my items? I still do check my hearts quite often, I love seeing them! ;) Just checking today, and it looks like I have another one...401 and counting!

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