Saturday, July 5, 2008

Vacation Time again!

I really shouldn't be here typing at the moment. I mean, where are my priorities?! I have to pack for a vacation but yet here I sit. ;) This is the kind of vacation that requires a lot of work. We are going to be staying in a sleeper cabin for the next week (leaving on Monday!) and so that means getting bedding, towels, pillows, food, and the clothing ready to go. No small feat, that is for sure.

I guess I will just use the excuse that I have to wait for the laundry to get done. And I will type fast.

Did you all have a great holiday (US people anyway?) We had a wonderful time, spending the day first of all at a parade, then with friends with tons of food of course. We saw fireworks on the 3rd.

My newest creation will probably not be in my shop for another week, but I am going to show it to you anyway. I used the same paper as I have before in other cards, just a new look. The color combination is wonderful! The orange paper with flowers is so fun, and it has been a long time favorite.

Have a great week...I will see you all soon!


Jen said...

oooh, sounds like it's going to be a great vacation. I'm jealous!

twiddlestix said...

I'm sure we will have fun...I'm even bringing a book with me,- my kids are finally getting old enough for that!