Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Night One

Here are some of the claims that we heard about foam mattresses:

  • you will not toss and turn
  • you will not be sore in the morning
  • most likely, you will end up on your back in the morning, no matter which way you like to sleep
  • when the other person in bed moves, you cannot feel them move
  • and oh, the sleep you will get...so much more restful!

So here is what sums up Night #1 in our new foam mattress:

  • ouch

I tossed and turned, even though it is extremely hard to do so...there are no springs you know, so nothing bounces you! I was on my back a lot of the night, at least every time I woke up I found myself there. I am somewhat sore- back and shoulder. One thing is for sure, I didn't feel my hubby moving around too much, and he mentioned that he did quite a bit of moving this morning.

Another thing we were told was to give it a good 2 weeks. And I will do just that!

Now on to my Etsy shop: Again I am just shocked! I got my 6 new hearts...got another sale. Unbelievable! I am pretty excited though! Yay for sales! Now I am off to wash sheets.


Ashley said...

I bought a memory foam mattress b/c the SO and I were both having trouble sleeping. It's been so wonderful for us! The first night I had a little trouble sleeping, but since then I've slept like a baby.

twiddlestix said...

Good to hear Ashley! I am hoping that is the deal for us too. I must admit, I did sleep better last night.