Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's amazing!

I finally took some photos! Yay! I listed 2 new cards today. One is for an Anniversary, and the other is a card that says 'missing u' on it. I actually made 2 of the anniversary one (almost identical anyway) and sent it to my sister and her hubby.

The missing u one I had sent to MocoMarket and after just a month or so there, it didn't sell. We will see how it goes on Etsy. I love the paper and I think the card is pretty neat!
Take a look at the clouds that I photographed the other day! It was a strange looking sky and perfectly calm out. As I was taking photos, the wind started whipping. Then came the downpour!


Zo-Be Designs said...
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Zo-Be Designs said...


I like the missing U card, the paper is gorgeous!