Saturday, February 9, 2008

What's with all the birds?

And why do I like them so much? My sister thinks it's funny that I do, that I want to buy bird items to decorate my house with. But everywhere you turn there are birds! Even shopping in the shops of Etsy you will find plenty of birds.

I didn't listen to my sister...I still bought some birds. (See photos) And now I have a bird card to share with you all. This is my creation for day number 9.
So, what is your opinion on birds? Do you like them? Decorate your house with them? Bought something from Etsy lately with a bird on it? Have one?!!
Or if you are reading this you can give your opinion on the latest card that I just made.
Have a great weekend everyone!

1 comment:

Field Notes said...

I love birds too! In fact I was just browsing etsy the other day for bird statues :D Your card is sweet too.

I have bird pendants and a nifty bird bookmark in my etsy shop :D


p.s. are you a bird watcher or just like birds? I'm both)