Saturday, February 16, 2008

Nothing too exciting...

...but here is day 16.

Yes, it's 12:30 in the morning for me. I am, just now, getting tired.

But I was so wide awake so I thought I would get some things done now! Why not? The whole house is sleeping, and it's really quiet here. Nobody is asking to use the computer. Nobody wants anything from this mom! Plus, this will save time in the morning!

I had to make a few birthday cards. In my family there seems to be quite a few birthdays in February. Usually, in years past, I have all these cards made up long before I need them. That was before I sold on Etsy! Now when I make a card I think- I should list this! This time, I made a couple of some cards so I could give one...and list one!


1 comment:

Trinket Tree said...

I know how you feel night time is the only time us mum's get any work done on the comp everyone is always wanting somthing! Your cards are beautiful & it is a good idea to make doubles for your self!