Monday, February 11, 2008

Makin' cookies...and cards

On Saturday, my kids and I decided to make the old favorite cut out cookies. I really don't like to make them, but if I am in the mood, even just a little, I better get to it! They had so much fun decorating them- putting on the frosting, the sprinkles, and more frosting! It was worth it! I am afraid that they will all be gone by Valentines Day though!

And now on to design a day- day 11 (already!) My cards have not been selling that well lately, so I thought I would go with a different style. The cards that I usually make are a little busier, with lots of patterned paper. This newest creation is very simple and done in a great color- green! Let me know what you think!


Regina (Lexi) said...

Love the simplicity of the card. Those cookies look yummy!

~Stella said...

I don't like to make those cut-out cookies either!!!

But I make them anyway, probably for the same reasons as kids LOVE to decorate them.