Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Here is what I have been working on!

This design a day is hard- like I knew it would be. But it is also fun to see what comes out of it! My shop should be filled to the brim by the end of the month! I have sold a couple of things so that helps! I did notice that my 3rd page had no views the other day though. Maybe it doesn't help to get it so full? Then again, I think that every time I list, my name gets out there, and my cards get up to the top!

The cards that I have today are for days 12 and 13. Yesterday was a very snowy day, and I couldn't get any good pictures. I think the worst of this challenge has been taking the photos! The easy part has been the creating for me.
The first photo is a card that I made for Jpat. She ordered 4 girly birthday cards. The fun part was that she was not picky about what they looked like- she said she trusted me to come up with something cute! I got them done last night and sent them out to her today. She hasn't even seen this one yet...so here's to a sneak peak!
The second one is another birthday card. It is different than my usualy style. I really like it though, and think it turned out pretty nice!

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MGoodell said...

beautiful cards! Something for me to aspire to. I would love your input on my cards...


nice work! thanks!