Friday, February 15, 2008

Here's to Jujuw...and my coffee chat friends

I came up with this idea last night and was very excited to try it! I am not sure if this card is sellable, but like every thing else, I can only try it and see once.

Every morning Jujuw starts a coffee time thread, and I have "met" and made some good friends there. I have talked about this before on this blog, but it goes with the card I made, and some of you might have missed it the first time! They take the time to really look at my shop, and everyone else's that happens to show up. I really enjoy getting to know them. We come from all over, and are all different ages, but yet we still have fun!

If you have seen the thread, but haven't entered- don't be shy! These are some really great people! Join us!

Etsy people are the reason that I stay the moment I cannot say it's my sales! I have too much fun talking to people there, more than I ever thought I would. This type of thing was totally foreign to me just a few short months ago.

So, you know who you are! Love you guys! (I guess I should have written this yesterday for Valentines day! ;)

This card is for my design a day # 15! The outside of the card says, "I'm so glad..." and the inside says, "we're friends."

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