Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's Day 5...

...and I have something made, I just don't feel like taking the photos! How can photographing cards be so difficult? When I first started selling on Esty, my photos were awful. I can see that now when I look back at them. Two things have helped in the improvement of my photos: a way better digital camera, and new techniques that I have learned.

Whenever there is a thread in the forums about taking photos of items, I try to "listen up!" When they said "no flash" that's what I did. "Use the macro," so I do. I even made myself a "lightbox." Those are the few things that have improved my photos a lot! I really like the pictures that I see of items that have a little "scene" around it. That draws my eye, but at the same time, I really like the white, fresh backgrounds too. I guess I will stick with that! Cards don't have much of a "scene!"

So anyway, I am off to take some photos of my newest card! I will post a photo later.
Here it is! Just a peek! To see the rest, check out my shop tomorrow- that's when I am going to list it!

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