Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Your help needed!

I have this wonderful shop on Etsy that I love, and I am happy with every single item that is in there. It seems as though things have really slowed down lately, and that right away makes me think about my style of cards.

What I need to figure out is: Is there something about my cards that people don't like? I know I have a variety of different cards in there. I also know that there are shops on Etsy that I look at and they just aren't my style. Not that they aren't making quality items, just that all people are different! So I am aware that there are many of you out there that look at my cards and think...not my style!

So I'm asking these questions:
*Is there something that you would rather see more of?
*Is the fact that my cards are mostly blank on the insides that you are turned off? Would a message help?
*Are my pictures not clear enough so that you cannot tell what the card looks like for sure?
*Is there any tips you can give me that you think I should improve on?
*Or are my cards just not the style that you prefer?

Maybe I should have made a poll instead!! Any comments will be welcomed!!

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