Thursday, April 17, 2008

A little fun...

It's my daughters birthday soon, and so I made some cupcakes for her class. I saw this idea for watermelon cupcakes, so I went with it! I think they turned out super cute.

Remember this past Valentines Day when there were whole bags of just green M&M's? Yeah, I didn't have that. I would recommend that you try and buy those before making these cupcakes! I picked through 2 bags (one pound each) of M&M's to get all the green ones...did you know that green M&M's seem to be much fewer in number than any other color in the bag? When I was almost finished, I noticed that I was going to run short, so back I go rummaging through my pantry- I found 3 more snack size bags! I now I have an abundance of blue, red, orange, and brown M&M's in my house. Looks like it's time to make Monster Cookies, M&M Bars! ;)

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