Monday, April 7, 2008

I've received fantastic feedback!

Isn't it awesome when someone buys something from you and just loves it? One of my good Etsy friends, Ancientgamecupboard, bought some cards from me and then let me know what she really thought of them. It was the best feeling! Check out her super cool shop...maybe you'll discover something new, and decide that you cannot live with out it!

Now for my newest card! I love this one, and it's definatly retro! I took out a whole bunch of paper out of my cupboard and just started working. Sometimes there are papers in there that get lost and after awhile I have no idea what's even in there. It was almost as fun as going to the scrapbook store! Well, nothing new in that cupboard, but I saw things in a new light. ;) Here is one of the creations that I came up with. I will be puting this one in my shop today...but first ;) I have to get some shopping done in some real live stores! Time for some new Spring shoes.

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terryann said...

thank you cards are so important for good common curtesy.