Monday, April 28, 2008

It's a new week!

Ug. Almost every member of my family was down and out with the flu yesterday. Talk about a long Sunday!

Things are looking up today though! The sun is shining too!

So here is my newest card. I am particularly happy with how this one turned out! When I usually make cards, I make the face of it, then paste it on to an actual card that I buy. This time, I made the whole thing. The inside is even decorated! Check it out and see for yourself how it looks! I will be adding it to my shop in the next day.

Also, I made another shipment to Moco Market today! That's the place that I am doing a little consigning with. I got my first payment from them, and things look to be doing great!


Little Pods Clothing said...

beautiful work :)

Amy Yang said...

Glad to hear your consignment is going well. I'm just getting ready to ship out my first patch for a gift store. I hope it goes well (fingers crossed)!