Friday, April 11, 2008

Check it out!

I am in 3 treasuries at the moment! Wow! That is really amazing to me. I try and check out the lists every day so I can see if I am featured, but I gotta tell you, it gets a little discouraging when the little yellow stars are very rare! I have 2 thumbs to show, but right now the treasury west is on the blink, so I will have to take it later.

The first one here is all yellows and that is my card peeking out in the third row in the middle! This one is made by thecraftpantry.

This one, made by backwoodsophisticate, is called "berries and cream" and my card is on the bottom row, middle.

The third treasury is made by muffintopdesigns, and as soon as t-west gets back up again, I hope I can get a thumb.

Then please check out the Treasury that I made! It's all gray jewelry, and before you think, "gray? really?" I have to tell you that it really is beautiful! I guess that's just my opinion! ;)


Christy DeKoning said...

wow, that looks like a gorgeous treasury - if you think of it, send me a little convo when it's up again. I rarely remember to check treasuries, though I know I should.
I love your little girl card too :-)

katelynjane said...

Wow! Three?! That's great! I love all these treaturies. I made one for Treasury West the other day Red and Grey. So I don't find grey boring (: