Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Time...and more time

I just realized that I have been very chatty! This morning I checked on how many forums that I have posted in, and the number is over a thousand! Pretty scary actually when I think about it. How much time I have sat here at my computer. I cannot say that all of it is wasted time though! I have made a few sales while chatting in the forums...I hope that I have helped more than a few people there...and I have made some excellent friends!

Then I think about sitting here and typing this out everyday, taking photos of my cards, uploading those photos and getting them to look great, actually listing the card, checking out other peoples blogs, Flickr, We Love Etsy...and those are just things that have to do with Etsy!

Ok, so I'm done thinking about that! ;)

Here is my latest card. I think it's very cheery! Love the oranges!

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The Stumbly Diva said...

Nice card. It is very happy, sure to make someone's day :-) I spend lots of time on Etsy too, but like you said, it's all worth it!