Saturday, April 26, 2008


Sorry about the absence! A couple of my kids have had the up-chucks here in the last couple of days, then it started out the other end...! So in between washing load after load, I have been busy taking care of the little kiddos.

Then we had snow. No need to say any more!

In the last couple of days I have been doing a little "research" on the views in my shop. You have all heard about Majaba right? LOVE that site! They record your hearts...when you have been hearted, and then a link to their shop if they have one. There is also the feature that shos you what items in your shop that have been hearted. The views are kept track of and if you leave the window open you can come back later to compare.

Ok, so that's all probably old news to you all...and in a couple of days I will make a little "report" on how the views are doing in my shop.

For now, here is my latest card! I think it turned out really elegant, so if you know anyone who is having a birthday and would like this sort of card, you know where to find it!

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