Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I'm sitting here between loads of laundry, waiting to get a treasury! I am hoping to get one for the Etsy Greetings Team...I'll let you know if I get one. (I had to quit typing to get the list...here it is!)
School starting is right around the corner already! I'm still trying not to think about that fact! Although, I did have to get school supplies the other day, and am hoping to get some shopping in this week for new shoes and jeans. Doing all that doesn't help with the "not thinking about school!" It's possible in the next week or so that I might be ready for the structure again though!

The only card that I have left that was photographed is the one below! I need to get to work again. I actually have 2 cards ready to have their day in the sun, but I like to have a bunch to photograph at one time.

Speaking of cards, as I was looking for some for my treasury, I noticed that most of them were priced a lot higher than mine are. I also see a post in the forums about underpricing products, and now I have some doubts! My sales are in a slump lately, so it would seem odd to raise the prices of my cards! Something to ponder...again!


katelynjane said...

Awesome treasury!! Congrats on getting one (:

twiddlestix said...

Thank you Katelyn!