Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I've Met My Goal

I have been wanting to get the item number in my shop to 75 for several months now, and just today, I finally got there! I do have several cards ready to expire, so it won't be there for long, but a goal made, is a goal made. I think that having more than this is almost impossible currently, (unless things go really South for me and nothing ever sells.) It's not easy to continue to make that amount of cards all the time!

I do have a string of boy cards that I just got done with, so maybe I can keep the number up there. What I am really hoping for is a couple of sales to make that number disappear!

I'm not sure if any one has noticed the linkreferal blinking on the side bar there, but if you are interested in joining, I would love to be able to "refer" you! What you do is take a little time to review a website, and others give you feedback on what they think of your site. I actually have it connected to my etsy shop, not this blog. I've been getting more hits at the shop according to that websites stats. So far it's been great, not too time consuming, and I've seen a few more 'new to me' Etsy shops this way too!

Below is my newest card that I just uploaded to Etsy. I love the paper, it makes me think "awe" every time I see it! Perfect for a new baby boy!


La Alicia said...

congrats on meeting your goal! feels good doesn't it? :)

Start To Finish Supplies said...

Aww, that is perfect for a baby boy. The little elephant is cute! Congrats on reaching your goal. You make lovely cards!

twiddlestix said...

Thank you both! It does feel great to get there that is for sure!

Thanks for the compliment start to finish!

Freckled Pink said...

Cute little elephant card! I love elephants!

Congratulations on reaching your goal, I know that's a great feeling!

twiddlestix said...

Thanks so much freckled pink!

Corri Taylor said...

hey i have that elephant stamp! i got it in a pack with a few other animals i love it but you make them look so much better then i could nice work