Friday, June 27, 2008


Oh why do I do this? When I am out there picking all those delicious berries, it's so hard to quit! It just doesn't look like there is enough in the basket! And all those beautiful berries just sitting there! So I picked 2 overflowing flats. Is that really too much?!

After searching many of the local grocery stores, I found some Sure Gel and my mother in law, and sister in law made jam all afternoon. We quit when the sugar ran out, and the Sure Gel was gone.

I still have over a half a flat left! Will someone please remind me not to pick to many next year? At least remind me to buy Sure Gel in May?!

I have the morning set aside for making a pie or two. Then off to the freezer goes the rest of the berries!

Please do not forget to leave a comment for the drawing of the card! I will post yet another photo of it so you are reminded! I will be picking a winner soon, and by Monday I will be posting who won! Thanks for participating!

Have a great weekend!

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Clear Pink said...

I have the same problem. I made jam, and strawberry ice cream and them the kids just ate the rest.