Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's just craziness


That's what I have. The Dr. told me yesterday that tonsillitis is usually found in kids from ages 5-15, but they extended the ages to 3-30 just in case. Hello!! Over 30 here...

Doc said I must be young at heart. Haha!

All I know that having this sore throat really hurts and I am ready for the meds to kick in and get rid of it! Besides that point, I am really hungry!

I think my kids secretly like the fact that it hurts me to talk- I didn't tell them to do any work yesterday, I just didn't feel like talking. It's hard to understand me anyway, my throat being to thick. Hopefully today I can get a few things done! I did manage to take a few photos yesterday though, and here is the latest card in my shop.

This card is fun...simple, but the color and pattern is great!

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