Thursday, June 26, 2008

Making of a card, and MocoMarket update

Usually I take out the paper that I want to make a card with, then I find coordinating paper if necessary, and proceed to make a card. And usually I start with the pattered paper, cut out the 5.5" by 4" piece, and then use the solid to accent the card. If you look at most of my cards, that is the way it is!

This time was different. I started with the solid, and used the pattered paper as the accent. And do I ever love how it turned out! Stamping the numbers on was fun too, and I thought the look was pretty neat. Take a look, if you like it, you know where to find it!

Make sure you all leave a comment here for me! I have a lovely card to give away, and so far there are only 5 people in the running! Take a look at the post below, and I will post the photo of the card here again, just a little bit of it though. ;)

Also, sadly, I have to say goodbye to MocoMarket where I was selling my cards. Actually, she is saying goodbye to us all. The owner has decided to call it quits and shut the entire shop down. It apparently wasn't running as smooth as a business should. I'm going to miss it, and the opportunity to sell my cards in an actual store. The extra dollars a month was nice, as was the opportunity to get my name out there. I just hope that I have sold enough to people that they might want to get more from em some day.


Janice said...
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Art By MAR said...

You make such gorgeous cards, I love them!

twiddlestix said...

Thank you so much! I will be adding you both to the list to win the card.