Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lots and lots of birthday cards!

Well, it's official. I finally added a new item to my shop! Anyone looking to buy an altered tin filled with 12 birthday cards? Come check it out! Hasn't the weather been amazingly stormy? Reports of tornado's again last night in Iowa. I don't remember a spring that has been this active. When driving home from MI we saw clouds unlike anything that I have ever seen before. My sister took photos, and when I get them from her, I will post them. The storm that we drove through was unbelievable! I was going 35 on the interstate. We did think about stopping, but with kids in the car, and a long drive ahead, we thought if we kept moving it might be best.

I have to get in the swing of things for the summer yet. What are good rules for how much time each child should spend on the computer? All I know is that my computer time is way down!! ;) (And maybe that's a good thing.) Should I do a chore chart for the kids? Sometimes I think that is more work than it is worth! The kids usually enjoy a reward for the chores that they do though, that is one good thing about it! Maybe I should subscribe to the Family Fun Magazine again...they always have some good ideas for keeping kids active!

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