Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New...read all about it!

I started yet another thing.

Every time I start something new I think, now that's it. No more! Ha! Just for that I'm not saying that this time!

I have my own "store" now. I heard about it through the Etsy forums yesterday. There were some sellers who made some really valid points, this one is the one that hit me: every time I promote my Etsy shop, my competitors are just a click away.

So why not promote your own online store? It's a lot harder to get the views I am sure. It's work that you have to put in yourself. And I guess I am starting that here, right now. My new store is http://twiddlestixdesigns.bigcartel.com/ For the moment I only have the free account, and for the moment, that's where I am staying. My items are not big ticket, so it's hard for me to take big risks. And I only have 2 cards there right now. That is something I have to get to work on: MAKE CARDS! ;)

Here is my latest card that I will be putting in my Etsy shop. (I am still going to keep Etsy alive, the community is great, and it's relatively cheap to list there, and so far I'm doing ok there! Also, in order to get noticed, you have to list often, and my goal was to get 75 items in my shop. I am not backing away from that goal! This will be 67!)
This card says, "someone like you should be celebrated every day." I love the colors of this one. It was fun to make!

I'm also going to show you our little puggle pup! We have a couple of Beagle's that we breed to a Pug. All this is an interesting process that involves me and my hubby taking some time out to help with it, but it works! (Hubby says it's good quality time for the 2 of us, but I tend to disagree that helping the dogs breed is actually quality!) The puppies are just adorable, but this one had a hard time posing for the camera. Include the 40 mph winds that we had yesterday, the photo shoot didn't go all that well! But I thought this one turned out pretty cute!

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