Thursday, May 15, 2008

May...the almost perfect month

Yesterday was one of those days that you just didn't want to come inside, didn't want the day to end. Just gorgeous out there. I was out for most of the day, and every so often I would sit in amazement over how beautiful it was! Here are some photos of our farm.

And then my next card! I was on a girl birthday card kick the other day, and whipped out 3 of them in so time flat! It was so fun...I love it when I have that burst of creativeness!

This one is pink with more pink on top! I am happy with the results.


Anonymous said...

I love this card! Those cute little calves are so stalky, they're adorable! And that pup is really cute too (: It's nice here as well, I'm just heading out to do some gardening and then we have to get the camper ready for the weekend!

twiddlestix said...

Camping huh? Sounds like fun...have a great time!

Christy DeKoning said...

what a gorgeous puppy!
I love your treasury - went over for some c&c love :-)

Happy Weekend (it's our big Canadian "start the summer" long weekend here: Victoria Day weekend, commonly known as "May-Two-Four")

Anyone who camps goes out this weekend. So have fun Katelyn :-)


twiddlestix said...

Thank you Christy! Hope you both have a great weekend!