Thursday, May 22, 2008

Last Day of School

Mixed feelings about that whole deal! I'm happy because:
* well, who doesn't love summer?!
* no more lunch pails for the next 3 months!
* no schedule
* no more homework!
* no worries about hot lunch, making food for this or that event at school

However...then there is the "I'm bored" syndrome, and "what's there to do" and "can you take us to the pool?"

LOL! I'll just be happy that the kids are all home and enjoy the time with them!

Here is a photo of my son's shoes that he decorated for the last day of school...he has worn them all year and decided that they needed some fancy-ing up!

Other than new card today. The good news is that it's coudy and rainy here today so maybe some more work with get done for the Etsy shop! The card below is one that I added yesterday to my shop, so it's not too old! Are you thinking about your Dad?! (It's so hard to do when the weather is so beautiful! How to divide, housework, making food, cards, garden, flowers, mowing...I just can't go on otherwise I just might get overwhelmed!)

I am still working on getting the new item done for the shop! Yes, I know I said last week I would be done, but I gotta tell ya, living in Northwest Iowa the supplies are far away. Hoping to catch up on that whole project tomorrow.

Have a great day!

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