Monday, September 29, 2008

Guest Post...Getting your Shop Ready for the Holidays

Hello readers! This is a guest post from Katelyn Jane! After reading, take a look at her wonderful Etsy shop as well. Enjoy!

I logged onto Etsy the other day only to be confronted with this info: Etsy sellers are already getting ready for the Christmas Season. It wasn’t such a big shock at first, but then I looked at my calendar. It’s still September! I guess that’s how it is in the sellers world though. And being a seller that means I need to buck up and get going!

Last Christmas season was no biggy for me. I didn’t make any more sales than usual and didn’t have a rush. A total bummer. I had researched how to prepare and was hoping for huge amount of sales. I watched every Etsy video there was on getting ready, how to impress your buyers, how to deal with shipments, and how to make nice little extras.

Hopefully this winter I’ll be able to put the great amount of knowledge to use. Here’s my action plan:

1. I’m listing frequently and will continue to do so in the next couple months. This way I’m keeping my store visible and I’m collecting more hearts (really, I am! It’s already paying off!).

2. I’m pre-making promo items to give as “extras” with the purchases. I’m hoping that this will create repeat buyers but also make for even better gifts.

3. I’ve been making more Treasuries lately in an effort to get my store name out there and become more involved in the community.

4. Renew renew renew! I’m renewing items all the time, and I’ve really been noticing a difference. More views, and more hearts!

Here’s some thing you can do as an Etsy seller in order to improve your shop for Christmas (and attract customers!):

1. Take a peek through your photos. Do any of them need updating? Take a few new ones, sharpen and brighten the images in Picasa (a free and GREAT photo tool to download).

2. Buy a new banner. They’re really inexpensive and a great way to update the look of your shop. I personally, am not going to buy a strictly “Christmas” banner. I’d rather spend money on one that will last longer than the x-mas season.

3. Update your items, make sure the descriptions are clear, spelling is correct and all the info is there.

There’s so much more that you can do with your Etsy shop in order to prepare for the season, but these are just a few things to get you started. I know it can be time consuming, especially if you have a family, but it’s so worth it! My advice: take half an hour out of your evening to do one of these things and you’ll be going in right direction.


Anonymous said...

Great tips! I know it seems a little crazy to be getting ready for the holidays in September, but when I look at the rest of my calendar between now and then, I remember why!

Katie said...

Those are some great ideas for the Christmas season. I'm really hoping to get some more sales soon as December looms ahead. I'll have to put some of these tips to use!

Found you through Etsy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this Twiddle (: I'm so glad everyone is finding the tips helpful! (:

twiddlestix said...

Well, these are great tips Katelyn!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great tips... I am trying to get myself organized in preparation!

Design said...

these are great tips! I am working on finding crafty ways to use the holiday cards I receive every year...

Estela said...

This reminds me to start planning! great post

twiddlestix said...

I'm thanking you all from Katelyn...she did a wonderful job, didn't she? Now it's time to make use of these tips in my own shop!


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