Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Etsy Vs. HandmadeFuzion

Today I wanted to see a little test. I listed a baby card on Etsy, and another baby card on HandmadeFuzion at the same time.

First, I am going to write a few pros and cons about the 2 sites.


  • I can load all the pictures at once.

  • After listing, the item scrolls across thr front page right away. In fact, it will stay there on that scroll until 25 more items are listed. (Now I realize there are way more items being listed on Etsy, so even if Etsy did that, my item wouldn't be on the front page for long!)

  • You can feature your item on the front page for only 50 cents. (I did not do that with this card that I listed.)

  • Listing an item is more complicated. There are more steps to it, however, I'm hoping that since this is a new site, the kinks will get worked out, and things will change.

  • Not a well known site, so I am not sure how many customers are there!

  • The site seems a little hard to navagate yet.

  • The listing process is simple. I don't know, maybe because I am so used to it? But there are not that many steps.

  • The site is visited more, so there are more buyers here.

  • There is a 4 minute delay on the item you just listed to make it to the front page. I did time it, and for this particular item, it was only 2 minutes. Not bad!
  • I've always had a beef with the picture loading process...I really want to be able to load all my photos at once!
Anyway, I listed at 9:41 am. At 9:45, I had 1 view at HandmadeFuzion, and 3 views at Etsy.

10:00 am:
Handmade: 18 views

Etsy: 3 views.

**Update: 2:30 pm. Etsy: 11 Handmade: 39

**Update again! 6:30 pm. Etsy: 15 Handmade:47
10:45pm Etsy: 17 Handmade:48

So, there are a lot more views there. Not sure what this means for sales. I didn't have any in either store. I will continue to list at HandmadeFuzion for now though.

I will keep you updated throughout the day! In the meantime, here are the 2 cards that I listed. (The first being the one that I uploaded to Etsy, the second to Handmade.)


irenedesign said...

cute cards! I'm glad you're writing about this for all of the rest of us!

twiddlestix said...

Thanks Irene! It's interesting to me anyway. We will just see how the sales are I guess!

Estela said...

I haven't heard of handmadefuzion yet! That is cool what you are doing though! Keep us updated

BackwoodSophisticate said...

Ooh, how interesting. How are views counted on fuzion? is it the same as etsy?

twiddlestix said...

Backwoods, you have to click on your item to see how many times it has been viewed. No one can see it but the seller. One more thing I don't like...it logs me out even if I keep the window open after a certain amount of time!