Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sharing my Shop

I share my Etsy shop with my mom and sister. I make the cards, my mom makes the doll sweaters, and my sister makes the korker bows.

I love to spend the time on Etsy...getting to know people, checking the shop, getting the featured items set, listing...just everything about it! My mom really wouldn't know how to get everything done (note: as I am not that computer savvy, my mother is even less than me!) And my sister doesn't feel like she has the time to put in the hours.

Shops with different items in them are sometimes considered too cluttered. So far, I really like the way it looks! Neither of them has sold anything yet though, and I really hope that changes soon! So, come on over! Do you have any little girls? Any granddaughters? The korkers are really nicely put together, she has made my girls plenty, and they wear them all the time! My girls also have American Girl Dolls with the same beautiful sweaters that you see in my shop!


skyesmedicine said...

Really cute shop! Unfortunatly no "little" girls to buy for, my daughter is 9, as wellas being strapped at the moment. BTW What is a "Korker?"

High Desert Diva said...

I like the happy birthday cards featured in the top left photo from your those colors

twiddlestix said...
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twiddlestix said...

highdesertdiva- thanks for the compliment!

skeysmedicine- korker is ribbon that is curled. You might have seen them at Gymboree, but my sister's are cheaper! Also, thanks to you for the compliment!