Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday is here!

Phew! One week down....!

I got a sale last night in my shop! I am happy to report that my mom sold her first item! Yay! I was so excited for her. There is a little girl who is going to be surprised with a package soon. She will be getting the sweater that is pictured below (in an earlier post)

On that note, I am promoting the korker bows today. These bows are so adorable! I have a great idea for moms thinking about Valentines Day. Buy up the bows that I have and let your daughter hand them out to her friends at school! They get too much candy anyway, right? It's something to think about! They are 3.50 for the pair. If you really like them but think a different color would be nice, send me an email in my Etsy shop and I can work with you on that!

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