Thursday, November 6, 2008

These days...

I wish I had a day where I could sit and create all day long. Of course, while I am wishing, the ideas would just flow that day too, and I would never run out of supplies that are essential! (Right now, I am almost out of tape runner, so that creates a problem for someone who uses that for everything I make! The call is in to my local Creative Memory supplier, but so far, no phone call back...grr.)

We are busy harvesting these days. Hopefully we will get done soon because there is snow in the forcast. I'm actually not one of those good farm wives out there hauling loads to town. All I have to do is get some food out for my hubby once in awhile, and make sure there is enough baked goods in the house!

I hope you are enjoying your day! I feel like I didn't get enough done today, but there is always tomorrow! ;)

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