Monday, October 13, 2008

It's Fall

The weather is definitely turning colder! My lawn is littered with leaves...and will be for quite a awhile! I live on a farm with over 200 trees, so there is no way I can get those all picked up. I also live in a very windy place, so a lot of leaves actually get blown to the next county!

I always feel sad when summer leaves, but there is something beautiful about Fall too, so I try not to complain. As most of you know, I love to take photos, so I will be having fun with that too. (It's a wet and rainy day, so none today anyway!)

Fall is never a time to take a "color tour" for us either. It's a busy time of year for the farmers. The combining has to get done, manure hauled, and fields disked. So as much as I would love to head out East to see the beautiful color there, I am planted here in Iowa, so I must find the beauty here. And there is much to be found!
Take the time to enjoy the cooler weather and the beautiful foliage this Fall!

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