Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So back to the HandmadeFuzion site... There is no doubt that there is a lot more views, faster, there at that site. I listed similar things there and on Etsy the other day (at the same time) and Handmade has gotten me 32 views, while Etsy's card only has 14. And maybe this isn't a fair comparison since I have been on Etsy for a year, here is an interesting point: I have 11 listings at Homemade, and those 11 items have 642 total views. With my 75 over at Etsy, I have 4475. Do the math...Handmade has an average of 58 views per item, and Etsy has over 59 views per item! I should take the the cards that I've listed in the same amount of time at both places.

Views do not compute into sales however. I have been slow over at Etsy, and have never made a sale on Handmade. (I confess, I have seen something on Handmade that I thought was cute, and ran right over to Etsy to see if that seller was there too. I think if I were to buy that item, I would buy it from that seller on the Etsy site!)

On the other hand, none of my items have been favorited on Handmade, and neither have any of my items. Then there is the issue of not many items being uploaded to Handmade. Imagine my shock after listing something there in the early morning, to come back at night and find that same item still scrolling across the top of the page! There is only the newest 24 items listed scrolling all the time!

This whole thing keeps me in I keep going? About 6 months ago I started a Big Cartel shop, and that has such pathetic views (mostly because of me, that is something you have to promote your self and I am lacking in that department!) so I am going to close that down. Keep things a little more streamlined, and focus on making some decent sales!

I am excited about the Christmas season! I am hoping to jump into a bunch of card sales. I've decided to list my Christmas cards for less than my normal $2.50 price.


PoshPlushies said...

You've been tagged! If you want to play along and get some promos for your site, please visit

Tiffany said...

Hi twiddlestix. It's warmnfuzzies. I am glad you got accepted and have gotten views. I was rejected from that sight. Sales are tough right now. Happy Anniversary! Please enter me into your drawing. Your cards are beautiful!

twiddlestix said...

Thank you Tiffany~ I will enter you in my contest!