Thursday, April 23, 2009

Proof of Spring

The weather had definitely taken a turn for the better here in Iowa! Yesterday I spent all afternoon and evening cleaning up the yard. We have all these wonderful old trees on the yard...combine that with Iowa wind, and you get about a billion sticks all over the place! Yesterday was not so windy, so I decided to burn some of those piles of sticks that I have been collecting. I am wondering if I am exaggerating with that number of sticks...we have over 300 trees on our property, so I think I could be close!

While I was out there working, I noticed this tree, that is protected by a building, is starting to get it's leaves. What a wonderful sight! I had to get a pic of it. I hope you are enjoying your Spring!


Rhythms of Light said...

Very nice photo! Using the building as a background really adds to the photo. :)

Gathering sticks from 300 trees sounds like a lot of work! You must have been working at that all day.

twiddlestix said...

Oooh, a compliment from you on a photo?! Wow! It is a ton of work to clean up after the trees, but I do like it! I've got a lot done already this Spring!