Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My house

I am in the middle of tearing my house apart for my garage sale that I am having. We are going to be moving this fall, and after 16 years, it is time to get rid of stuff! I have a lot of things that I have saved over the years from my walls that I know I will never put up in my new house!
In the past I have been to many estate auctions because I was in love with old things! Loved them! I still do to a point, but my tastes have changed somewhat. I will miss my old "hook" that I have in my bathroom to hang my hand towel on, but it's staying with the house.
Yesterday I videotaped my house (well, at least the clean rooms ;) so that I will always remember how it looked. I also did it for my younger kids because they probably will not even remember living here!
The starting date for the new house is drawing closer, and I am getting very excited about it!

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