Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I'm doing the snacking thing today. Never eating a "real" meal, just grabbing a cookie as I go by. It's terrible!

My treadmill is staring at me too. That's always a bad thing. I'm trying to get in a little better shape, and loose a few extra pounds...I have a big trip coming up!

I've been working on Valentines day cards already. I know! It's seems so strange, but it really isn't all that far away. I won't post them up here yet, but soon. I did get a new package in the mail yesterday...more supplies! I bought myself a wonderful new stamp, and for the moment, it is my new favorite. Tell me what you think! It's fun to work with, and turns out so pretty! ;) Look for more cards featuring this beauty soon!


Livecreations said...

this is lovely :)

twiddlestix said...

Thank you so much!

faisal shah said...


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twiddlestix said...

thank you faisal shah!