Friday, March 20, 2009

Shopping on ArtFire

I have to tell at ArtFire is really snappy! First of all, when you click "Shop" it brings you to a page where all the categories are. Also, there is a number of listed items by each category.

Ok, so then after choosing a category that I wanted to shop in, there are subcategories on the side. Also, at the top of the page there is quite a few options to sort by. "Random, Highest Price, Lowest Priced, Newest Listed, Oldest Listed, Most Views, Least Views!" How cool is that!

I also noticed that there are ad spots on the side available. I just might have to try that out some day. The price isn't that bad either...$10/week for a top level category, $5/week for a main level category, and subcategories are $2.5/ week.

All the options, and the categories, subcategories...really makes shopping at ArtFire a breeze. Just another thing that I like about the site! It was also a plus that I saw my cards scattered in there. At least, if people are shopping, they are getting face time!


Akane Designs said...

Hmmm... maybe I'll have to reinvestigate Art Fire. I found it hard to shop there. Perhaps I'm too used to Etsy's set up:)

Rhythms of Light said...

I've heard about ArtFire, but haven't really investigated it yet. Do you like it better than Etsy?

Also, thanks for commenting on my blog and listing me in your fun blogs to read list! :D

twiddlestix said...

I like the way they have it set up to list things- that is my favorite part of it! I am trying hard to make my first sale though, hopefully it will come soon!

Thanks for the follow Rhythms!